Although Zora was regarded as the "Father of the Corvette," he finally stopped working. Sadly, he went away over 25 years before his vision of the car's mid-engine came true.

Zora would undoubtedly be thrilled that the Corvette has gone mid-engine, not to be confused with the car's creator. In 2020, the automobile reached new heights thanks to its design.

Even though the radical new design was worked on for more than 60 years of Corvette research and development, there was just the basic trim available in 2020. 

However, there were coupes and convertibles that were offered with various packages. Notably, there is no option for a manual transmission. The vehicle nonetheless recorded remarkable performance figures.

Consider that these specifications are comparable to, identical to, or better than those of the C7 ZR1, the peak of conventional Corvette technology

if that isn't stunning enough. The basic C8 may have been the greatest Corvette to date based on these overall stats.