Chevrolet Bolt EV Will Be the Cheapest New Car in the U.S. for the Next Three Months

The Chevrolet Bolt EV has not seen easy sailing due to a battery issue that might cause a fire. Owners of Bolt EVs had to cease driving their cherished EVs while GM and LG Chem argued over who should

bear the responsibility for more than a year. Even though the issue was ultimately resolved this year and GM replaced Bolt's batteries at LG Chem's expense, the Bolt EV's looks remained unappealing.

Then, GM gave the game all it had to see what would stay, and, lo and behold, the Bolt finally became a success tale. Of course, a sizable

discount and other incentives provided to Bolt consumers, like as a home charger and credit for charging on external charging

networks, contributed to this. Using an MSRP The price was so attractive at $25,600 that Hertz intended to purchase several EVs from GM.