for sale: Ford F-250 Highboy 4x4 4-Speed Manual 1977

The seller bought and rebuilt this 1977 Ford F-250 in January 2016 and is now offering it for sale. The 400ci V8 engine, along with a

four-speed manual gearbox and a dual-range transfer case, was overhauled, and the body was refinished in white with blue 

upholstery. The truck has a sunroof, roof-mounted marker lights, a bedside-mounted toolbox, a tubular rear bumper, aftermarket

wheels, a tubular rear bumper, an MSD electronic ignition, a tubular rear bumper, a tubular rear bumper, an aftermarket steering wheel, 

and an Alpine stereo. In order to get it ready for sale, an oil change was done. The vendor now offers these F-250 highboys for sale,