Depending on the model, engine, body design, and condition, current Dodge Dart appraisals range widely.

 For instance, Hagerty estimates the value of a good-condition, 318 ci, two-barrel Dart Seneca sedan at $8,500.

However, the identical car is worth $12,700 in great condition.

The value of a comparably equipped Dart Pioneer increases with the trim level and ranges from $11,000 to $16,700, depending on condition.

With a 330-horsepower 383 ci V8, the Dart Phoenix Convertible is at the top of the value list. This Dodge, according to Hagerty, might be valued up to $88,900 in concourse condition.

The value decreases to $63,200 in outstanding condition, whereas this automobile would cost $37,300 in decent condition.