It is crucial to have effective braking performance in order to have driving experiences that are both safe and confident. It is the purpose of the front disc brakes of the Ford Ranger to offer rapid stopping power and

consistent performance in a variety of driving circumstances. The Ranger is able to achieve increased heat dissipation, decreased brake fade, and greater braking performance thanks to the use of disc brakes on the front wheels. This is especially

beneficial while engaging in strong braking maneuvers or when towing. In addition, disc brakes provide superior modulation and control, which enables drivers to regulate the amount of force applied to the brakes

with more precision to accommodate a wider range of driving circumstances and road surfaces

The front disc brakes of the Ford Ranger provide drivers with the stopping strength and confidence

they need to be safe and in control when driving on the road. This is true whether the driver is maneuvering through city traffic or descending steep hills.