For drivers who are concerned about the safety of their possessions and investments in the modern world, the protection of their vehicles is of the utmost importance. The Perimeter Alarm on the Ford Ranger is an important security device that

notifies owners of possible security breaches, which helps prevent theft and illegal entry to the vehicle. The Perimeter Alarm will use the vehicle's horn and flash its lights in order to draw attention and frighten away possible intruders. This occurs when the

Perimeter Alarm detects an effort to enter the building without authorization, such as opening a door or breaking a window. Additionally, owners have the ability to personalize the alarm settings to fit their tastes

This includes the ability to alter the degree of sensitivity or disable certain sensors while the vehicle is parked in a risk-free place. The Ford Ranger's Perimeter Alarm offers owners an additional sense

of peace of mind by virtue of its proactive approach to vehicle security. This is because the owners are aware

that their vehicle is fitted with sophisticated security systems that are designed to discourage theft and damage.