If the Ford Ranger begins to veer off course, the lane keeping assist system will automatically steer the vehicle back into its lane. This helps to prevent unintentional drifting and lane departure from occurring. It is possible for the system to

monitor lane markings and the position of the vehicle in relation to the road by mounting cameras or sensors on the vehicle. It is the system's responsibility to gently apply steering torque in order to guide the vehicle back into the center of the lane in the event that it begins

to drift out of its lane without signaling with the driver. An additional feature of certain lane keeping assist systems is the provision of visual or audible alerts to the driver in order to warn them of lane departure prior

to the implementation of corrective actions. On long highway drives or during periods of driver fatigue, when the risk of unintentionally leaving one's lane is higher, this feature is especially

helpful because it reduces the likelihood of accidental lane departure. The Ford Ranger's lane keeping assist system improves both the

enhancing driver awareness. This improves safety for both occupants of the vehicle and pedestrians in urban environments that are busy and crowded.