Ram Confirms Production Name for Its Electric Pickup Truck

When it goes into production, the electric pickup idea dubbed the Ram 1500 Revolution will be known as the Ram 1500 REV. This name was revealed early

in January in connection with the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). The story that we reported when the vehicle first appeared has been confirmed by the statement.

Although it is not the most exciting choice—we would have gone with the Ram Charger—and is not even close to being as amazing as Lightning or Cybertruck, at least Ram didn't

simply add "EV" or "Electric" to 1500 and call it a day with this one. The REV will trade on a great deal more than just its moniker in order to draw customers, though. Ram's vehicle

aims to stand out from the competition with a more streamlined and athletic design, in addition to a variety of cutting-edge and unique features that are not often seen in pickup trucks.