Nissan Max-Out EV Roadster Concept Goes From Virtual to Actual Reality

More and more car companies are adapting their lineups to fit the electric vehicle future, and some of them are realising that this is a fantastic

opportunity to spice things up and maybe offer designs they haven't offered before or have abandoned. Nissan's "Ambition

2030" strategy, unveiled in 2021, served as a conceptual road map of the electric vehicle (EV) offers that may make it into production by 2030.

Nissan showed off a number of concepts during that time, including an electric pickup truck called the "Surf-Out," an SUV concept

called the "Hang-Out," a small crossover concept called the "Chill-Out" that may preview the next-generation Leaf EV, and a roaster called the "Max-Out," which caught our attention.