The advanced airbag system of the Ford Ranger offers occupants comprehensive protection in the event of a collision. It does this by strategically deploying airbags throughout the cabin, thereby reducing the likelihood of injuries occurring

As a standard feature, this system incorporates front airbags for the driver and front passenger, side-impact airbags for the front and rear occupants, and side curtain airbags that deploy from the roof to protect the heads of occupants in the event of a rollover or side

impact collision. In addition, some of the more advanced airbag systems include sensors that are able to adjust the force of the airbag deployment based on factors such as the size of the occupant, the position of the seating position

and the severity of the crash. Through the provision of multiple layers of protection and the implementation of adaptive deployment, the advanced airbag system of the Ford

Ranger helps to reduce the likelihood of injury in a variety of collision

scenarios, thereby improving the overall safety and peace of mind of the vehicle's occupants.