The two-door hardtop was the sole option for the Z06, as opposed to the normal C6, which also comes in a convertible version. 

 The C6 Corvette was the final Corvette to have the recognizable four-circle rear lights and the first since 1962 to not have hidden lights.

he F22 Interceptor fighter plane and previous Corvette Stingray models served as inspiration for Tom Peters, who oversaw design for the C6 Z06 project. The Corvette C7 was also designed by his team.

Over the years, the standard seats have often been criticized for not being cozy or grippy enough, particularly in the corners. After only a few laps or hours of driving,

 the chairs started to slide about and became unpleasant for the drivers. Performance seats that are aftermarket might easily fix this. Since the C6 Z06 was produced for such a long time

numerous little improvements were made to the vehicles throughout time. The Z06 logos are present on several interior surfaces, and the inside plastics are what one would anticipate from a vehicle from the era.