Today, as if the ordinary C8 wasn't already a beast, we have the arrival of the next-level track-inspired Z06. Fast forward a few years.

When you consider that the Z06 trim puts the vehicle into the plane of Lamborghini and Ferrari, forget about the Corvette itself for a second. This monster's engine specs are quite exciting.

Although the sub-six figure Corvette and its manual gearbox are no longer available, the performance is still there. The Z06 has a unique engine with a flat-plane crank

and an 8,500 rpm redline, as you may have seen. There is no supercharger whining because, unlike the C7 Z06, the C8 model restores the vehicle to its naturally aspirated origins.

The basic car's peak speed is not matched by the racing Z06, but all other specifications are exceeded. Notably, a Carbon Aero package is also necessary for the Z07 Performance package. Naturally, this raises the cost

 lowers performance, and somewhat reduces fuel economy. Despite being above six figures, the beginning MSRP is fairly forgiving because to the product's high demand and high dealer markups. This is comparable to the ordinary C8 or the situation with a C7 ZR1.