The Ford Sierra RS500 Cosworth Was A Serious Limited Edition

In the middle of the 1980s, Ford had plans to take part in the upcoming World Touring Car Championship. For this, they required a new car, hence the creation of the Sierra RS

Cosworth. To homologate the Sierra for racing, Ford was required to produce 5,000 Sierras for the road. The "normal" RS Cosworth was already an exceptional car, but then the Sierra

RS500 Cosworth appeared. Ford was given permission by a Group A racing Evolution regulation to create an improved RS Cosworth, but they were only allowed to produce 500

of them, giving the vehicle the name RS500.The basic Sierra RS Cosworth and the RS500 appear extremely similar to the untrained eye. There seem to be, however, slight variances.

Ford fitted a new front splitter and a narrow aperture above the licence plate in the new front bumper to funnel more air into the engine compartment.