In the event of a collision, the high-strength steel frame of the Ford Ranger serves as the vehicle's backbone, providing robust structural integrity and enhanced protection for the occupants of the vehicle. The frame is designed to withstand

mpact forces and distribute them throughout the structure of the vehicle, thereby minimizing deformation and intrusion into the passenger compartment. Either ultra-high-strength steel or other advanced materials are used in its construction. Furthermore, the

high-strength steel frame improves the vehicle's rigidity and torsional stiffness, which in turn contributes to enhanced handling, stability, and crashworthiness. With the incorporation of cutting-edge materials

and engineering techniques, the high-strength steel frame of the Ford Ranger surpasses the safety standards of the industry and offers occupants a solid foundation for protection in a variety of collision

scenarios. Whether they are driving through city streets or off-road trails, drivers and passengers of the Ford Ranger can have confidence in the durability

and safety of the high-strength steel frame of the vehicle, which will provide them with peace of mind and confidence while they are doing so.