Prior to the mid-engine configuration of the C8 Corvette, ten mid-engined Corvette concepts existed, although none of them saw actual production. Prototypes, exhibition vehicles, and other engineering testbeds fall under this category. 

Everything begins with the CERV I. Officially, this automobile may be ignored since it resembles an Indy or F1 car more than a Corvette, but in practice, it is very important to the concept. 

The name tells it all in terms of what it means to the project, since it was the first of its type and unique. The designation stands for Chevrolet Engineering Research Vehicle.

The better power-to-weight ratio of his vehicle, which refers to how many pounds each horsepower needs move, allowed it to perform well.

In contrast, a smaller number is preferable, and the CERV I reached its apex with a fiberglass body and V-8 heart.

 It served as a testing ground for the suspension, brakes, and drivetrain systems—all of which were simpler to alter and observe inside the CERV I.