In accordance with its commitment to sustainability, Ford has made extensive use of materials that are beneficial to the environment in

in the production of the Evos. From the point of production all the way through to the point of disposal at the end of its useful life, this has resulted in a reduction in the impact that the vehicle have on the environment

In an effort to reduce the amount of trash produced and the amount of carbon emissions produced, each and every component of the Evos, from recycled plastics to renewable fibers, has been painstakingly

chosen after careful deliberation. Ford is not only reducing its influence on the environment by making the use of materials that are favorable to the environment a top priority, but it is also acting as an

example for the whole car industry by doing so. As a result of the fact that the Evos was developed with

the environment in mind, drivers are able to drive with total peace of mind, knowing that their vehicle was built with the environment in mind.