In favor of 2020's revolutionary new mid-engine structure, Chevrolet bid farewell to its classic layout of the Corvette, a vehicle that has had an engine under the front bonnet since 1953.

This naturally brings us from the C1 to the C8, although the 2020 Corvette wasn't the first Corvette to have an engine behind the driver. Although the C8 was the first mid-engined Corvette in terms of regular production

this design was actually used in a number of prototypes before the legendary performance brand finally adopted it in the shape of the C8.

Shortly after the 1953 launch of the first Corvette, General Motors engaged a guy by the name of Zora Arkus-Duntov.

He was originally principal engineer of the automobile and was born in Belgium. With his obsession with mid-engine development and the performance it produced

the concept for such a "vette" was formed. He became the company's high-performance director in 1955 and introduced V-8 power to the sports vehicle. We may not have the Corvette as it is now if not for his vision.