The new Mustang engine lineup will sound familiar

You're likely familiar with the engine lineup. Ford claims that its 2.3-liter EcoBoost engine is completely new, although the basic engine remains the same. An "advanced" 5.0-liter

Coyote V8 with a redesigned dual air-intake box and twin throttle body architecture is the update for the GT. According to Ford, the new GT's naturally aspirated engine will produce

its greatest horsepower ever. We don't currently have the data to back up that assertion. The terms "edgy, seductive and disruptive" are used by Ford to promote the new S650

Mustang, but when used in a PR context, they often reveal that the product in issue is none of those things. New sheet metal for the Mustang is

added, giving it a sharper, more contemporary, and powerful appearance. It is gradually getting more tech-savvy. But it's still mostly the same.