For your own peace of mind and safety, it is very necessary to take measures to prevent theft and illegal entry to your car. The Ford Ranger is fitted with a SecuriLock Passive Anti-Theft System, which employs encrypted transponder technology

to discourage criminals and prevent illegal entry. This system will prevent the vehicle from being stolen. In order to start the engine, each key has a one-of-a-kind code that must be consistent with the onboard computer system of the car. If you do not have the right code,

the engine will not start, which will essentially render the car immobile and prevent any efforts at theft. The system also incorporates perimeter sensors that detect efforts to force open doors or tamper with

the ignition. These sensors then activate the alarm system of the car, which alerts others in the surrounding area and discourages further entry. The Ford Ranger's SecuriLock system offers drivers more

confidence and peace of mind by providing them with the knowledge that their vehicle is secured against theft and illegal entry

This is made possible by the powerful anti-theft technology and sophisticated security features that are included in the system.