Sport mode in the Ford Ranger is available for drivers who are looking for a more dynamic driving experience. This option improves the throttle response and handling of the vehicle, making it more suitable

for active driving. By modifying the parameters of the car, such as the engine mapping and the shift locations of the gearbox, the Sport mode is able to provide more responsive handling characteristics

and more brisk acceleration. If you activate the Sport mode, the Ranger will become a more exciting and dynamic performance, regardless of whether you are driving on winding roads or

taking a vigorous trip on the broad highway. Drivers are able to enjoy the full potential of the Ranger's performance capabilities

when they switch to Sport mode, which has increased responsiveness and agility. Sport mode takes the

driving experience to new heights of pleasure and satisfaction, whether it's for thrill-seeking expeditions or just adding excitement to those journeys that you do on a daily basis.