The most extreme Corvette ever produced at the time, the supercharged LS9 V-8 was first launched in 2009 in the C6 ZR1. Even today, the thought of anything with 638 horsepower 

and 604 pound-feet of torque is absurd. That much power in a rear-wheel-drive vehicle is absurd. 

 The C6 ZR1 would be the epitome of a vehicle that was too large for the road. The ZR1 featured almost every body panel made of carbon fiber and 200 more horsepower than the C6 basic model.

Most people will be shocked to learn that none of the aforementioned models provide the greatest performance value in a C6 Corvette.

The Grand Sport (GS) model, which is in the center of the lineup, was introduced in 2010. Both a coupe and a convertible were available in this variation. 

The Z51 performance package from earlier model years was superseded by it.