With the Ford Ranger's Track mode, the vehicle's characteristics are optimized for spirited driving on the racetrack or twisting mountain roads. This mode was designed for enthusiasts who seek maximum performance

and who are looking for the best possible experience. Track mode allows the Ranger's performance capabilities to develop to their fullest potential by allowing the driver to fine-tune a variety

of characteristics, including throttle response, gearbox shift points, and stability control settings. Track mode improves the Ranger's agility, responsiveness, and overall driving characteristics. This setting

allows the Ranger to accelerate down straightaways with confidence and attack turns with accuracy. The Track mode provides fans

with an intense driving experience that pushes the limits of what is possible. Its primary emphasis is on optimizing performance and handling. Track mode turns the Ford Ranger into

a real performance machine, giving thrills and excitement at every curve. This makes the Ford Ranger ideal for use on the track as well as on your favorite winding road.