There is no rivalry between the Mustang and the Mach-E.

Although they share a name with the same pony car, the Mach-E and Mustang are two quite different vehicles. The Mach-E is a high-tech, 

high-performance electric crossover that can also serve as a family vehicle or daily driver. Due to the prevalence of crossovers in the auto 

industry, EV crossovers are likely to be a rapidly growing market segment, especially if significant infrastructure enhancements are implemented.

The Mach-E is expected to outsell the Mustang this year. Nonetheless, this is hardly disappointing news for Mustang fans. In the twenty first 

century, the Mustang has never been a top-selling vehicle. It's a subset of the sports car or muscle car market that performs well. However, the Mach-E was designed from the ground up to be a commercial success. A mashup of sorts