There Is Only A Single Efficient Powertrain In The Fiat 500e For The U.S.

Standard-range and long-range powertrain choices are available for the 2017 Fiat 500e in Europe, but only the latter will be available at launch

in the United States. One electric motor drives the front wheels of the powertrain we will be given, producing 118 horsepower and

162 lb-ft of torque. A small car need a small battery, and this one has 42 kWh of capacity—though it is bigger than the Mini SE's. In mixed driving,

the 500e outperforms the Mini SE thanks to its 199-mile range on a single charge. That even surpasses the standard Nissan

Leaf and more than doubles the range of the original electric 500. Later, a more powerful Abarth model is anticipated.