Vehicles Associated With Crypto Millionaires Suffered The Most

Without a doubt, not all exotic cars were negatively impacted by the retirement of the FTX. The cars owned by the newly affluent elite and the so-called "crypto monarchs" were

actually the ones who suffered more than any other. Particularly Lamborghini took a chance by establishing a connection with young people who readily and rapidly got money. Their

sloppy approach has damaged the brand and linked it to fresh cash. And let's face it, nobody who belongs to the legitimately wealthy elite in good standing wants to be linked

with the nouveau riche. However, other experts think the harm is not as severe as it seems given Lamborghini's long-standing connection to fresh money.Of course, Lamborghini

cannot be the only manufacturer of expensive cars whose reputation might be damaged. Mercedes-affiliation Benz's with cryptocurrency billionaires might scare away its base and regular customers.