Volkswagen Remaps Atlas SUVs With Nicer Interiors, Kills Off the V-6

Volkswagen believes that the United States of America is unique and meritorious of receiving cars that have been built particularly for this market. As a result, for the next year,

that unique vehicle will get an upgrade. We are, of course, talking about the Volkswagen Atlas, a midsize SUV with seven seats that was released in the United States by the German

carmaker Volkswagen in 2017 in an effort to satisfy the demand for SUVs among American consumers. The foundation of the upgraded model

 is the same as that of the first one; however, it has redesigned external style, an updated interior arrangement, and a brand new

engine. All of the cars in the Atlas family, including the Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport 2024 with its five seats, have been given a facelift.