We need to talk about the EV6 GT's lack of range

The range is destroyed as a result of the EV6 GT's increased performance. The RWD EV6 achieves an admirable range of 310 miles per charge. The AWD model has a respectable 252

mile range. The EPA range of the EV6 GT is only 206 miles, which is not ideal.On the plus side, that range ought to endure in everyday driving. I began with a fully fueled automobile

in Las Vegas on a pleasant 50° Fahrenheit bright day. It took around 140 miles to get from the Strip to the racetrack via Lake Mead, across the Valley of Fire, and back, with the majority

of that distance being driven aggressively in GT mode. When I returned the EV6 GT to the hotel, it still had more than 50 miles of battery life left.Potentially, Kia's 800-volt charging technology, which can theoretically give a

full 10-80% charge in around 18 minutes on a Level 3 charger, is among the finest currently available. Their second alleged justification is that the buyer of the EV6 GT is presumably not purchasing it as their sole vehicle.