What's the Kia EV6 GT like to drive?

The Kia EV6 GT displays a number of the same qualities I cherished in the regular EV6 when driving. It's lively. Its centre of gravity is low. The line is securely held. Additionally, it has a

flexible suspension even in GT Mode. Except while in GT Mode, power is restricted; the maximum output in Normal and Sport is 429 horsepower.The EV6 GT did make me wonder

what the design of future race cars will be. Kia made no attempt to replicate a gearbox or add other sounds to the EV6 GT. A pure EV was allowed to exist. But I could understand why

other manufacturers could think about artificially boosting the experience. Hearing complete quiet broken by loud tyre squeals is more irritating than stimulating. Additionally, the feeling

might seem a little disjointed due to the perfect linear acceleration and absence of combustion vibrations being detected by your butt.