The tow/haul mode of the Ford Ranger improves the vehicle's ability to pull heavy loads by maximizing the vehicle's performance and stability despite the weight of the load. When the tow/haul mode is activated

he transmission shift points, throttle response, and engine braking are adjusted to accommodate the increased weight and reduce the strain on the drivetrain. This occurs regardless of whether the vehicle is being loaded with a trailer

a boat, or a recreational vehicle. It is especially helpful when navigating inclines, descents, or winding roads to have this feature because it helps maintain control and stability while towing. The tow/haul mode ensures a smoother and more controlled towing

experience for drivers, thereby enhancing both their safety and their confidence while they are on the road. This mode reduces

the risk of overheating and minimizes gear hunting. The Ford Ranger's tow/haul mode gives drivers the

capability and versatility they require to easily tackle challenging towing tasks, regardless of whether they are using the vehicle for work or for leisure responsibilities.