When towing trailers or heavy loads, the trailer sway control feature of the Ford Ranger helps to maintain stability and control, thereby reducing the likelihood of swaying or fishtailing. This feature makes use of sensors to detect sway

or oscillation in the trailer, and then it automatically applies brakes to each wheel or reduces the power of the engine in order to stabilize the combination of the vehicle and the trailer. The system helps prevent loss of control and potential accidents while towing by

detecting and correcting sway in real time. Also, it helps prevent accidents from occurring. In addition, certain trailer sway control systems offer either audible or visual warnings to the driver in order to

prepare them for the possibility of unstable towing conditions before they require intervention. It doesn't matter if you're pulling a camper

a boat, or a utility trailer; the trailer sway control feature of the Ford Ranger improves towing safety and

confidence. Instead of worrying about trailer-induced instability, drivers are able to concentrate on the road ahead of them.